What is elk hunting you may ask.

Still remember the movie “The Last of the Mohicans”? Actually, the first scene of the movie is chasing the elk.

That was the story of colonial time of north America. Now this ancient sports or recreation is passed on to sons and daughters.

Every year, many people will carry his/her rifle or crossbow to pursuit the beautiful creature of lord. To be honest, there are many articles on the internet about teach you how to hunt elk. But we decide to do it in another way.

elk hunting


Here in ElksRungc.com, we will not just tell you how to pick the right hunting gears for your next season, suck compound bow, rifles, crossbow, like above mentioned; we will tell you how to keep fit.


Let’s face it, elks are very sensitive animals! So you have to keep alert too, but also you need to keep fit, I mean shed some pounds if you have extra weight. Hunting could be a very energy-consuming sport, you need to travel many ways to find the right spot to shoot the game. Even you can set up a tent, and use a bait to attract the animal, you still to keep awake, right? Because for god know the reason, the game might just NOT taking the bait, which is a bummer.

But you don’t need to worry anymore. Because we will cover for you. By providing the relevant info, I think you will find the right equipment for your next elk-hunting, but also keep healthy and energetic to move in the woods and field, and bring your beautiful game hunted home at ease!

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