Best Crossbow – Part One

I have always been fascinated with crossbows, and I read many crossbow reviews before I actually buying. The power and grace found in the modern crossbow combines the stability of a rifle with the quiet, precise accuracy of a bow, making it quite a dangerous weapon to the unskilled user.

crossbow reviews

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Crossbows come in a wide variety of lengths, widths, and draw weights, so choosing the best one will take some research. Some things to take into consideration when looking for a crossbow are your height (the smaller in stature you are, the harder it may be for you to draw back a wide model) your upper body strength (those with less than stellar upper body strength may need a cocking aid or a crank) and for our hunters out there, what kind of critter are you trying to take down as dinner.

There is also the factor of compound verses recurve. To find the best crossbow, shoot as many different types as you can to get a sense of what works best for you.

For a beginner, I’d suggest models that are tested by many field hunters with a price under $500, such as the Excalibur Axiom SMF or the Barnett Predator.

For the money and quality, I’d recommend the models from TenPoint, such this one: Stealth XLT Crossbow. Remember though, it’s whatever works best for YOU.

Many manufacturer release new product every year, below is a video review for Ghost 410 CRT, the best and latest innovation from Barnett Crossbows in 2013.

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High Quality Accessories – Part Two

As with all fun toys, there are accessories that will help, or hinder, your experience, and the same is true with your best cross bow.

Hopefully along the way while you were pouring over websites and reading many crossbow reviews you could get your grubby hands on, you also glanced over the extra gear you may want to purchase to get the most out of your crossbow.

This includes the rope cocking aids (if needed), bolts, scopes, and more. Always keep in mind that there may be manufacturer guidelines for the accessories your considering, so check and double check with the company that you purchased your crossbow from.

The last thing you want to do, other than injuring yourself, is to void the warranty on your crossbow by purchasing cheap gear on the advice of a drinking buddy or that guy you work next to. Use the right grain of arrows, the right rope aide (be it a rope cock or a crank), and the right scope makes all the difference in the world.

No one person can tell you which crossbow and accessories will be the perfect fit for you. Do the research, read the reviews, ask questions, and try as many of them out as you can. Safety and comfort comes first; always do what works best for you. Good luck, and may you lose only the bolts that hit their mark.

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What is elk hunting you may ask.

Still remember the movie “The Last of the Mohicans”? Actually, the first scene of the movie is chasing the elk.

That was the story of colonial time of north America. Now this ancient sports or recreation is passed on to sons and daughters.

Every year, many people will carry his/her rifle or crossbow to pursuit the beautiful creature of lord. To be honest, there are many articles on the internet about teach you how to hunt elk. But we decide to do it in another way.

elk hunting

Here in, we will not just tell you how to pick the right hunting gears for your next season, suck compound bow, rifles, crossbow, like above mentioned; we will tell you how to keep fit.


Let’s face it, elks are very sensitive animals! So you have to keep alert too, but also you need to keep fit, I mean shed some pounds if you have extra weight. Hunting could be a very energy-consuming sport, you need to travel many ways to find the right spot to shoot the game. Even you can set up a tent, and use a bait to attract the animal, you still to keep awake, right? Because for god know the reason, the game might just NOT taking the bait, which is a bummer.

But you don’t need to worry anymore. Because we will cover for you. By providing the relevant info, I think you will find the right equipment for your next elk-hunting, but also keep healthy and energetic to move in the woods and field, and bring your beautiful game hunted home at ease!